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Real-Time Loan Surveillance
Real-time management of residential loans to mitigate loss and enhance performance of loan portfolios.

Knowing the detailed status of your loan portfolio — on command — gives you the power to make critical and timely decisions. Residential Mortgage Solution’s Servicer Surveillance advisory team, together with the M3 web-based surveillance system, can proactively manage loan servicers in realtime to mitigate loss severity, increase ROI and strengthen the value of your loan portfolio. This combination of talent and technology delivers these important advantages:

 Increases performing, cash flowing assets
 Shortens foreclosure and bankruptcy timelines
 Reduces loss severity
 Improves overall portfolio performance

A Vast Information Hub
M3, in the hands of our Servicer Surveillance Team, results in more timely and deliberate decision making for you. Residential Mortgage delivers the single most powerful surveillance system available for managing your loan portfolio.

Accelerate Value Creation
Our on-command data gathering system saves precious time in identifying non-performing loans and aids in making timely decisions. More proactive portfolio management reduces loss severity and strengthens overall value.
>> Reduces loss severity on non-performing loans  by 5% - 15%